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Parity, Inc.’s Mission , is “To serve and advocate for social and economic equity within the African American community” is fundamental to our purpose. We will achieve our mission by the impact and improvement we achieve through community collaborations.

I thank you for your support as we strive to gain social and economic equity and inclusion.

Parity, Inc. has been in the forefront of the fight for diversity and equity in the Greater Dayton Area more than three decades. During that time, our community has been faced with many different challenges, some of which threatened our very existence. Our primary focus has been on the areas of Education, Health,Economic/Community Development, and Public Policy the loss of industry and jobs to the rebuilding of an educational system. Our role has been to address those issues not only at the policy level but also working collectively at the grass roots level with our youth and emerging leaders for a long lasting and impactful change.Parity, Inc. has championed the need for developing our students so they can be the best that they can be through our “Youth Development for Success Program” (YDFS) which uses the power of mentoring as one of its primary components.

YDFS has served youth in grades 4-12 with the end goal of high school graduation. As part of theAcademic League of West Dayton our focus has been community based. We have partnered with the Dakota Center, Boys and Girls Club of Dayton, and the WesleyCommunity Center with the support of Montgomery County and United Way to provide a continuum of intervention services which include math and literacy tutoring (homework help), mentoring and leadership training.

For emerging African American leaders, the Black Leadership Development Program (BLDP) provides them with an opportunity to hone those leadership skills and be the architects who turn challenges into innovative opportunities for this community. Additionally, the Top Ten African American Male Luncheon provides us with an opportunity to not only recognize the many outstanding contributions made by AfricanAmerican males in our community but more importantly provides our children with role models who demonstrate that they too can make a difference.

Chairman Emeritus

John Moore, Sr.

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Joe Gordon

William L. Gillispie

Patricia Meadows

LaTonia J. McCane

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Anthony Whitmore

Belinda Mathews Stenson

Brian Sanders

Deborah Watts Robinson

Helen Jones-Kelley

Charles Jones

Michael Gaines

Clinton Brown

Joe Gordon

William L. Gillispie

Patricia Meadows

LaTonia J. McCane

John Moore, Sr.

Emmett Orr

Dr. Edmund Moore, PhD

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