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It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to the Parity, Inc. website. We are a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to advocating for the needs of the African American community in Dayton, OH by seeking greater participation and inclusion of African American citizens in the development of policies that affect our lives.


To our members, you are the heart of the organization and we hope to support and serve you throughout your careers. Please take advantage of our many resources and check back often for news and announcements.









Carolyn E. Wright, MBA

Parity, Inc. Chief Executive Officer

To visitors of our website please thoroughly explore this website.  Investigate the many resources it contains.  Our mission and vision statements containing information about the Parity structure,history, and it's publications await you.  In addition, you'll find the most recent information about ways to connect and grow at conferences and workshops, and via the Internet on Facebook. Our hard working Board of Directors and our energetic Steering Committee officers  are continually looking for ways to strengthen our organization and to better serve our members.

Welcome, and enjoy our website!

Best Wishes,


Carolyn E. Wright, MBA
Chief Executive Officer