Youth Development for Success

Youth Development for Success

Youth mentorship program designed to support the educational needs of African American youth.
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The Black Leadership Development Program is a highly selective program designed to appeal to African American leaders and emerging leaders. Its purpose is to develop a pool of African American men and women from various backgrounds with interest in, and leadership capacity for, effectively addressing ongoing and emerging community issues.

During this 11-month program, participants will meet monthly to learn through lectures, discussion, and direct experience of every major aspect of community life. Issues, from economics and education to criminal justice and intra-cultural diversity, will be explored.

Participants will also begin to develop working relationships with civic, social, political, and community leaders. To enhance the quality of the presentations, topic experts are used throughout the program to ensure the development of sharpened leadership skills.

Theses speakers are excellent motivators and educators. * Program session will be a combination of virtual and in person due to current health requirements and restrictions.

Program Features:

Social Skills Development

The development of social skills lays a critical foundation for later academic achievement as well as work-related skills. Social development is such a key issue with young children that a number of methods to address social skills have been advocated.

Leadership Development

One of the main and big benefits of conducting leadership training is that it offers many opportunities to nurture more great leaders for the future in your company. Nurturing leaders support succession and pathways to many other employees in your company who are eager to go to the next dominant level.

Mentoring / eMentoring

Mentoring is a combination of group facilitation and peer mentoring with the mentor(s) contributing as facilitators for the group dynamics. Whether in person or online, mentors help mentees share and learn and providing input based on the mentor’s own experience.

Academic Support

Mentees can request academic support in the areas of homework assistance, tutoring, etc.


It Takes a Villages to Raise Children. Here's a List of Our Village Partners:

Wesley Dayton

The mission of Wesley Community Center Dayton is to meet the spiritual and basic needs of families of all ages offering assistance in education and training, employment and human assistance in transitioning families toward self-sufficiency.

Dakota Center

The Dakota Center’s mission is to provide a safe community atmosphere engaging Dayton neighborhoods and people of all ages in programs that educate the whole person.

Boys & Girls Club of Dayton

We are committed to changing kids’ lives by providing them with a safe place to belong after school where a dedicated professional staff and caring volunteers are ready with a smile and an encouraging hand to help a young person in need.

Parity Inc.

Parity, Inc.’s Mission , “To serve and advocate for social and economic equity within the African American community.” is fundamental to our purpose. We will achieve our mission by the impact and improvement we achieve through community collaborations.

Academic League

The Academic League of West Dayton, a collective impact model: service partners committed to working together to support our children and families in West Dayton.

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